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One of the major sites in lies in the heart of Copenhagen. It's called Nyhavn and means New Harbor. This is just before sunrise, before the neon lights are shut off. Photo by: Jacob Surland,

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About the my artwork

I ride on the edge of surrealism and believability. My road in life is not to be a documentarian, but rather to be a photographic adventurer, exploring what is possible to do with a photograph.

My Art is my playground. Being a photographer, I have two places to play with my Art. The first one is when I shoot a photo and the second one, is when I post-process my photo. In many ways I find the post-processing a much more creative process, than the actual shooting of my photos.

The digital world offers so many opportunities when you work with photos, and I keep exploring new territories of digital photo manipulation. I find new techniques, new combinations and new technologies, and they become a part of my chest of digital toys. I play with textures, colors and light and seek to create the richest, beautiful, and interesting photos possible.

Most of my artwork is Realism Digital Art, a style of photography that borderlines to a painting. It still has all of the details of a photograph, but it also has elements of a painting.

I often paint digitally on the photos. I might add hand-drawn shadows or artificial light sources. These changes, I make in an image, is a feast for the eyes. The eyes accept what they see, and yet the brain detects, that something is going on. If not consciously, then unconsciously.

If you look closely, you find that things are unnatural or even impossible to be as they are. And this is what separates my artwork from mainstream HDR photography.

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