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I seduce your eyes as I ride on the edge of surrealism and the believable. In my world, you will see adventure, mystery, and surrealism. I am a dreamer. My art is an incarnation of my dreams. Dreams with a different view on the World. A dream of the borderland between the surreal world and the real world. A no mand’s land. My realm.

My photographic journey began, when I was a child and my Father took me to the dark room, and I watched in fascination as photos appeared as magic in fluids in the dim red light. My life has turned into being a photographic wizard, exploring what is possible to do with a digital photograph. I use advanced techniques, and the original photos are just my canvas and oil; the components that I as a digital Wizard use to create a magical moment.

My Art is my playground. I keep exploring new territories of digital photo manipulation. I find new techniques and combine them in new ways, and they become a part of my chest of digital toys. On this blog, you can find many tutorials and tricks.

Jacob Surland

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  1. Hi Jacob..

    Awesome blog and tons of info…

    Interesting read on your review and decision making on the 5DMK3 v D800 v D600.. I am pondering the same at present.. have a D300s and need something that will allow higher then ISO 800 pictures… Hence I considered moving to 5DMK3 as it has awesome high ISO performance.. I have Nikon lenses and Flash so will stick to it but upgrade to D800. What lenses have you decided to go for?? I have the 50mmf1.4D prime and Sigma 150-500… was thinking of going with Nikon 14-24 and 35mmf1.4 Sigma which seems to be getting great reviews…


    • Hi Raj,
      Thanks a lot – glad that you like it!

      I still haven’t bought all I need. But what I have bought is the Nikor 14-24mm. The lens is so raving good that I still get surprised, however, it does have it’s limets. For instance you can attach screw on filters to it. It is isn’t constructed for that. And I also have a set of 100mm Lee ND filters, which I can’t attach to it either, I could by a set of 150mm, but I’m not going to do that. Instead I have bought the Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 VR to solve these tasks. There is some kind of overlap between these two lenses, but I still use them for different purposes. The extra 11mm in the long end is nice to have in some situations, but the last 2mm in the opposite end is surprisingly much. There is a huge difference between 14mm and 16mm, especially if you are in a tight composition situation and want to include as much as possible. I was a bit sceptical when I got the 16-35mm, but I have been positively surprised by that one. I find it sharp and great. And then it is a lot lighter, than the 14-24mm, which is heavy.
      Then I have bought the Nikkor 24-70mm lens, which is totally awesome too. I was choosing between 24-120 and 24-70. I would have loved the extra mm in the long end, but then again, I knew it if I wasn’t satisfied with the 24-120mm, I would end up buying the 24-70mm also, which would have been a more expensive road to travel. So I bought the 24-70 in the first place and I haven’t regretted that one single moment.
      The last lens I have is the Nikkor 28-300mm. I’m not too fond of this lens. I do like the flexibility of the huge span in mm, which makes it a good tourist lens, but far too many photos I have taken with it, does not have the quality, that I would like them to have.
      I’m consideren buying a 70-200 or 70-300 lens. However these are much larger. The lenses I already have, are more or less the same size, which makes lens changes easy to handle. because they can go into the same slot in my camera bag. And I can have both my Nikon D600 + D800 including attached lenses in my camera bag. I would be able to do that with a 70-200 lens attached.
      I’m also considering the 50mm f/1.4 – basic equipment, I just never got around to buy. Or rather it was sold out, when I was in to buy it.

      I hope that answers your question.


  2. Interesting stuff and good behind the scenes information. I’d rather want to go out of excessive Post Processing as I rather enjoy wandering around with my cam in the open (-; …
    I also have some tutorials (especially Pano Photography) and technical info available, so I know which efforts it does take them to put them online …
    Keep Up!

  3. Fascinating blog, thanks! I’m buying one of your photos of Tivoli for my brother and his finance for their wedding (he proposed to her there, and I think it will be a great souvenir).

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