A hobbit hole today!

When I was in New Zealand we got to see Hobbiton the Movie set, where we could see the Hobbit holes used by to film both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. But they are not Hobbit holes, you know! It is just a door and a window, with a small chimney. Even the green stuff on the wooden fence and gate, that makes it look old, is just yoghurt tossed on the wood and left for a few months. The Hobbit holes come in different sizes, the small ones are used when Gandalf is rumling around, and the large ones to make Frodo and Bilbo and the other hobbits seem small.

Hobbiton is located on a sheep farmers field and he has decided to make a tourist attraction out of the remaining movie set. Great location and funny to see.

A hobbit hole

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