Amsterdam Maritime History Museum after Hours

I attended a conference in September in Amsterdam. I brought my camera and ended up taking a lot of photos one morning. I walked all the way from my hotel, which was close to Shiphol Airport, down to the center of the city and ended up by the harbour when the sun rose. I took pictures of a gorgeous building with an old ship in front. Little did I know what I was photographing at the time. But later same day, I attended the formal cocktail party, which was held in best ‘Las Vegas’ style with Frank Sinatre like music accompanied by casino tables, in this fantastic building with a glass roof. It happened to be the same building I had been shooting in the morning and it was the Amsterdam Maritime Museum.

2 thoughts on “Amsterdam Maritime History Museum after Hours

  1. Hello Mr.Surland,
    I left comment on G+, so can only say I admire your work. Especially your comment, it will be a great help to beginners no doubt.
    Again, congratulations,

    • Hi Anne,
      Thank you so much. I’m trying to document what I do and learn as I move along. It is my belief that when you get too far down the road, you forget what was difficult to learn when you started out. So I try to tell what I learn, as I learn it and develop my skills in post-processing of photos.

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