One of the most popular booths at Art Monaco 2014

Near Venice Corner in the medieval town Bruge, Belgium, you find this beautiful view. Along with Amsterdam it's called the Venice of the north and it really is. Photo by Jacob Surland,


Maybe it really wasn’t a big surprise, but still it feels great, that Mona Youssef Art Gallery had one of the most popular booths at Art Monaco 2014. You could feel the spirit and the kindness among all of the members of our team. Many had spouses with them, and it all added to the feeling of one big family, with Mona Youssef in the center.

Not only was the spirit good, so was the art works presented by the 30 different artists. It really was no surprise, because we all had that feeling, when we were in Monaco. So many people in the booth. But of cause it is nice to know that Art Monaco noticed the same and tweeted about it

About this photo

This is one of my Realism Digital Art photos from Bruge in Belgium. It’s a slightly different composition than the earlier published image. In this version, the famous bell tower of Bruge is more prominent. The tower plays an important role in the movie “In Bruges”.

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