How to make textures to save a gray photo

Strasbourg city of administration and city of beauty. Known for it's EU administration. But Strasbourg is much more than administration, the old center of Strasbourg has a long and very interesting history. One of the pearls is the Pont Saint-Martin. There's lock between the lower and the higher canals. You can sail the canals, and walk the narrow old streets. Photo by: Jacob Surland, Once in a while, you just don’t have either the time of day or the weather with you, when you shoot photos. Take this example from Strasbourg. I had researched Strasbourg from home, and had a pretty good idea, what I wanted to shoot. But two things turned out to be a problem. 1) I could not stay in the city until sunset, due to time schedules, but I could stay until an hour before sunset, which could have been good enough. 2) It was grey, and there was drizzle. I shot my shots using an umbrella, and left Strasbourg not quite satisfied with the result. It’s a long exposure, to at least try to make the water interesting enough. I love this place Pont Saint-Martin in Strasbourg. I think it is also probably the most photographed place in Strasbourg, nevertheless I love the place, and I did not want to let my photo go. I looked into alternative processing methods. I did not have any success on the light, so I had to add something else, make it stand out. And as it turned out, it was in using textures I found the answer. This is the before photo: Pont Saint Martin before And this is what I did: Continue reading