Travelling in Iceland

Sunrise on the way to Keflavik

Sunrise on the way to Keflavik.

I have really been wanting to go to Iceland for a long time. Having seen the beauty of Iceland captured by other photographers it has drawn my attention. But you can’t be everywhere at once, so I’m seeing the world in small pieces, bit by bit. But a window opened for three full days in Reykjavik and me and my family went off to see a small bit of Iceland.

Ideally if you want to go to Iceland I would say you should have time enough to drive all of the way around on Iceland and give yourself time enough to see and experience Iceland. Like New Zealand Iceland has a lot action and adventure options, that really should be tried. I have spend one month in New Zealand in November 2012, driving around and one month is not nearly enough to get all of the way around New Zealand and see try all the great fun stuff they have. Iceland is much smaller and I would like to go for two maybe even three weeks at some point in time to experience Iceland.

But an extended weekend in Reykjavik is really a great option. If you stay in Reykjavik you are within driving distance of several of the main attractions in Iceland, like Thingvellier, The Blue Lagoon, Whale Watching, Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir. So if you rent a car you can get to see a lot of the interesting things. The Icelandic horses are everywhere, so you can’t miss those either. So in three days you get to see a lot of the essence of Iceland.

Iceland was hit severely during the start of the financial crisis and that has changed a lot up there. Eating out is really cheap, compared to Denmark, and they really do make great food up there.


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