Visiting Noravank Monastery

The Beauty of Noravank Monastery in Armenia.

I visited a Armenia a couple of years back. We were on a roundtrip by bus. Armenia is a fascinating country, and even if it is a small country, they have an incredibly strong history, and many ‘Worlds first’ or ‘Worlds largest’.

The Monastery of Noravank is among the most beautiful monasteries we saw. The road to get there is up through a canyon, and the road ends by the monastery. You might ask, why monks went to so solitude areas to live and study.

Canyon leading to Norevank

The Canyon leading to Noravank monastery.

Halfway up the canyon, there’s a small restaurant built into the cave, where we had lunch, before going the rest of the way up.

This photo from Haghpat Monastery is another of my favorite photos from Armenia.

The Sun is Setting by Church in Armenia

The Sun is Setting by Church in Armenia.

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