Alley Canal in Bruges

Alley canal in Bruges

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A couple of years ago I went to Bruges in Belgium. We were driving to France, and we made a point of going to Bruges to see it.

After a classic Belgium dinner, I went shooting some photos. We stayed in the city centre and I could walk.

There was a change in the weather. All day had been extremely hot and humid, the evening was no better. But while I was out, a light drizzle came and went again.

Bruges is famous, not only for it’s medieval town centre and canals but also for its chocolate. They call it the Chocolate Capital. And if there is something that I like, it is chocolate.

In the morning, the weather had finished changing, and it was a cold morning and the weather stayed cold for the most of the vacation. But I got myself some great photos.

These are couple of other favorites from the same evening.


Lamp post

The Famous Bell tower in Bruges. You can see it poking up from many places in the city.

The Little Venice Corner in Bruges

The Little Venice Corner in Bruges.

–Jacob Surland

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