Sagafjord on a summer night

Sagafjord is a restaurant ship, that sails on Roskilde fiord. They serve both lunch and dinner, while the ship sails around in the fiord. Photo by: Jacob Surland,

In my home town of Roskilde we have a restaurant ship, that sails the fiord of Roskilde. You can go for lunch or for dinner. It’s an old rebuilt ship and it really is a nice experience.

This photo is an HDR shot using my new Sony Alpha 7R and using the Sony 10-18mm lens. The lens is priced in the mid to lower end of the extreme wide angle lenses. It is only made for APS-C, but I can use it on the full frame Sony A7R. By default, it switches from 36 Megapixels to 15.4 megapixels, which corresponds to an APS-C sized sensor.

You can also use the lens as a full frame lens, however, not in the extreme ends, but if you stay between 14-16mm, you are ok. If you go to 12mm you have to crop a bit in the corners and the corners get too soft to my taste. Another and worse thing, using this lens as a full frame lens, is that the photos gets a really nasty mustage shaped distortion. Then I prefer to use it as a 15.4 megapixel lens instead.

The lens is a wonderful ‘light and small’ carry around lens. I do have a metabones adapter for my Nikon lenses, which will be my primary lenses still. Even on the Sony.

This photo is a 3 shot HDR. I shot it semi hand held. I had taken off the plate for the tripod, and forgotten about it. So I tried to stabilize the camera on top of the tripod, while eating an icecream too. But I managed – only because the camera and lens are so light.

This is the before photo:

Sagafjord before photo


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