No fool on the hill – only stairs up there

An old mound just outside of Roskilde. The stairs leading up the the top of the grass covered hill with trees on top. Photo by: Jacob Surland,

Just outside of Roskilde there is an old mound dating back to the age of the vikings. Back to the age of the Vikings. Roskilde used to be a center for the vikings, and viking kings lived here in periods.

To this day the Cathedral of Roskilde is used to bury the Kings and Queens of Denmark. The second of Denmark, was named Harald Bluetooth, is also buried here in Roskilde. The modern bluetooth technology is named after him.

About the composition in this photo

I got out of the car, with the intention of climbing the hill, to take a landscape up there. But when I saw these stairs I just had to shoot them. But what composition to chose? For some reason I find staircases difficult to nail, unless shot straight on from the center, either from the bottom or the top.

These stairs are not really large enough to do a dead on shot. Instead I got really close and placed the lover step approx a third into the image from the left,  and the last step a third from the right and the bottom.

No fool on the hill compositionThis makes the stairs work well in the composition. The trees I have placed on the horizontal third.

I use the golden ration, rather than the rule of thirds. They are almost identical, but I prefer the golden ratio, because I find it more tight.


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