Statue in Bruge

A Venice of the North, they call Bruge in Belgium, and not without reason. They have many canals and old houses. The Medieval center of the city is a truly wonderful place. This photo is from one the bridges crossing one of the canals. Photo by Jacob Surland, www.caughtinpixels.comThe town of Bruges in Belgium is a Venice of the North, and the Capital of Chocolate. This place is a place you definitely want to visit, if you ever get the chance! In the background you see the tower of the Church of our Lady. It is the second highest brick construction in the world and it rises a 122.3 meters from the ground. It is only second to Sct. Martins Church in Landshut, Germany.

Timing is crucial to achieve results like this photo above. Just when the city lights have been turned on, which they did 5 minutes before this photo was shot, you get the most wonderful mixture of natural light and electrical light. And you can achieve these very warm and inviting photos.

This photo belongs to my my Realism Digital Art series and I use both a single and a double tone mapped image, and I blend it with the seven original photos. I use Photomatix Pro to achieve this (you might want to read my free HDR tutorial).

This is a process that I love to do, painting all of these layers together into a final photo. You can really add mood and enhance lights and details to the extend you like.

This is the before photo:

2013-07-23-Sommerferie D600 2013-110


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