The Hammer Mill

 Nikon D800, Nikon 24-70mm, ISO 125, 24mm, f/8.0, 1/500 sec

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The old hammer mill, used by the Hammer Smith to create weapons amongst other things in the old days. The house is from 1765 and now house a small museum and a nice cafe. The mill is a water mill.

About the composition

I have build the composition up around some repeating objects, the boulders in the front, and then the reflection in the lake. The three stones in the foreground repeat a shape and points to the house, which also works as a repeating object.

The eye can also follow the lake shore around and get to the house. This way there are several leading lines for the viewer to follow.

The photo does have a lot of detail, and is best viewed in a large version. This is both good and bad.

Before photo

The before photo looks like this:

The old hammer mill - before shot

As you can see much more flat. The HDR has put a lot of detail in to the trees and the boulders in front and in general made the photo pop a lot more.

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