How to plan photo trips?

Churches in Denmark are usually small white churches, but once in while you come by a red one. This one is in Gershoej on Zealand. Photo by: Jacob Surland,

One of things I really find myself spending a lot of time doing, is planning where to take photos. Location, location, location. This particular HDR photo I shot some 30 km from my home. And even though I had planned, what I wanted, I ended up with something completely different.

The crop had just been harvested, and hay lay in the fields, either as huge rolls or as long piles of hay. I wanted to shoot some photos of that and I got up real early. Way before sunrise. But I realized, when I stood in the field, that hay really doesn’t do well before sunrise, and the fields I had picked, really wasn’t that interesting for photography. They were Just too flat I think.

I started driving north, more or less along Roskilde fiord, hoping for some better fields. I stopped a few times and tried a few shots, but not really happy with what I got.

And then when I got to Gershøj, I remembered a little harbor and an old Inn. I drove down there a couple of really drunk guys hung around, but they seemed peaceful enough. The harbor and inn was not as picturesque as I remembered them. I did shoot a little, but not really happy, and the sunrise was almost there. I made a quick decision, not to hang around and wait for the sunrise, ran to the car made it for one last chance to get something I liked.

And lucky I was. I had got up on the road, turned right, and then I saw this gorgeous little red church, and the sun just rising above the horizon. I threw in the car and got out.

I drove home happy! Had I not been stubborn, I would not have got anything that morning.

Lessons learned: Even though you have something particular in your mind, it’s not necessarily that you will bring home. And keep your eyes open! You might just, come across something quite wonderful!

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