Red Dress in Bruge

Bruge in Belgium is a beautiful medieval city, also called the Chocolate Capital. The inner city is full of old houses. On the square a young couple took a photo, at the same time as I did. Photo by: Jacob Surland,

This is a 7 shot HDR from Bruge in Belgium. I shot it on a very very hot summer evening last year. There was little of a drizzle earlier, but the rain stopped. Many people were out and this couple kept hanging around. In the end I decided to include them in the photo, and the fact that the girl has a red dress adds to the photo I think.

They are placed very much to the side of the photo, which is unorthodox, but for some reason it still works. The rules of composition can be broken.

Other people also kept walking by. The advantage of 7 shots in HDR, is that often you can remove some people by mixing the photos in Photoshop, using layers. I ended up with three people on the right.

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