Steampunk Balloon Wagon seen from a low vantage point

Steampunk is a cool fantasy world. What if the world hadn't evolved into the modern Information Technology world, it is today, would it have evolved into Steampunk? You can find this particular Steampunk balloon car in Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, a fairytale amusement park. The second oldest in the World. Photo by: Jacob Surland, Licensed creative commons non-commercial v4.0. No derivative Work. Protected by

The fairytale amusement park Tivoli Gardens, in the center of Copenhagen, holds many small wonders, like this fantastic steampunk car.

I always carry a camera around with me and a small tripod in a very small bag. On a daily basis my normal or even my travel tripods are too big to carry around, and I just have a small Manfrotto tripod. If used carefully, it can be used  even by my Nikon D800 and the huge 14-24 mm lens.

I must admit, that from time to time, I get shots, I wouldn’t have thought of, but are provoked by my small tripod, and these couple of photos from Tivoli Gardens are fine examples of this.

This small alley is my favority part of Tivoli Gardens, not only because the 'Kissing Bench' used to be there. Actually, I don't know if it's still there, maybe it is. Photo by: Jacob Surland, Licensed creative commons non-commercial v4.0. No derivative Work. Protected by

A small alley with a beer garden, small shops and great candy. Is there anything better?

Notice how small lines suddenly play a huge part in leading the view up through the alley. Had the camera been higher, the lines would have been less obvious. Using these lines can be really powerful, and this is a stronger example of using very small lines.

Going really close to objects, can change the perspective, and make things seem different tham they are. An optical joke. Photo by: Jacob Surland,

I arrived too early at work, the day after they had changed the alarm, and I couldn’t get in. Instead I took out my camera and the small tripod, and started shooting. It is the Tivoli Hotel right in the middle. The hotel is placed close to Tivoli Gardens, but not in the garden itself.

I did cheat a little bit on the hotel in the middle. It wasn’t symmetric to begin with, and it seemed wrong. And by a simple mirroring trick I made it symmetric, and it was a dramatic change. Now every line in the image points to Tivoli Hotel.