The kings library

Library in an old Kings CastleIn Kolding in Denmark lies an old ruin of a royal castle. The oldest parts dates back to the 12th century. One of the most famous kings of Denmark Christian IV spent most of his childhood in this castle, and many kings liked the castle a lot. In 1808 a wild fire burned large parts of castle more or less to the ground and left it as a ruin. In 1830 H.C. Andersen (the guy with the Ugly Duckling) advocated for keeping the ruin. Many years later the castle was delicately restored, in a very unusual way. This picture I took in the library, in one of the parts of castle that pretty much survived the fire. If I had dared I had moved the table just a tiny bit, but there were alarms everywhere like in any museum, at it said ‘do not touch’ everywhere too, so I didn’t move it.
The photo is a single RAW shot with an X100, and then I tonemapped it and did a few other things to it.