Harbour Bridge Roskilde

Harbour Bridge Roskilde

Not exactly a big great harbour bridge, but nevertheless I do like it. It connects the Museum Island, part of the Viking Museum here in Roskilde.

The photo is a 5 shot HDR shot before sunrise.

EXIF: 21mm, f/10, 5.0 sec. It was my aim to get the longest exposure to be a maximum of 30 seconds (which is the limit of the camera on automatic). I had to raise the ISO to 400, to keep the f/10 at a reasonable small value (higher number). I want the keep the f-stop low, to keep the foreground sharp as well.

Viking ship lit in the Winter

Viking ship lit in the WinterHere’s one more from the local viking ship, the Sea Stallion (Søhingsten). From this angle it’s easier to see, that it’s the worlds largest. More than 60 modern vikings are used to row and steer the ship.
Taken in the evening. I used 5 shots and processed it in Photomatix and mixed layers in Photoshop and did the final adjustments in Lightroom.
Happy New Year everyone 🙂