The Perfect Backup Solution For Any Photographer

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As a photographer I produce a lot of data and if I lose that data I’m really in trouble. I have searched and searched for great backup solutions and have finally found the perfect one. It’s called Livedrive. Don’t confuse it with Skydrive or, it’s not a Microsoft company. Livedrive is one the cheapest cloud solutions out there, and they provide unlimited (yes, UNLIMITED) backup of data. I have a few terabytes and this really is sweet for me. And they also provide apps and work on both Mac and PC (Windows).

I have written an article about how to setup a good backup strategy. There are a number of things to consider. I don’t put everything to the cloud, that would be too much. Read about a good backup strategy here.

Livedrive comes as cheap as $6 a month – that’s really cheap, and that is for the unlimited data.

Livedrive Cloud Storage

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