The Beauty of Noravank

The Beauty of NoravankArmenia lies in a very seismic active area. They are the first nation ever (!) to become a Christian Nation, which happened around 300 AD. They have a lot of these small very beautiful compact churches spread all over the country. They are compact to withstand the earth quakes. Armenia is not only the first Christian nation, but they also invented color television and even more important: they invented red wine, some 8000 years ago.
This is the Monastary Noravank, one of the most beautiful monasteries they have got.
The photo is a single RAW file, taken with my old Canon 400D and the kit lens at 18mm. I did two virtual copies in Lightroom, and changed the exposure of the two to -2 and +2, so that I had exposures (-2, 0 and +2). I then worked on the noise and sharpened a bit, before I took them into Photomatix. I then took it to Photoshop CS6, used Topaz and did worked a bit with blending the exposures with the tonemapped image. And finally I cloned out a couple of things.

Viking ship lit in the Winter

Viking ship lit in the WinterHere’s one more from the local viking ship, the Sea Stallion (Søhingsten). From this angle it’s easier to see, that it’s the worlds largest. More than 60 modern vikings are used to row and steer the ship.
Taken in the evening. I used 5 shots and processed it in Photomatix and mixed layers in Photoshop and did the final adjustments in Lightroom.
Happy New Year everyone 🙂

Desolate Central Station

Desolate Central Station
I rarely come by a central station that is as empty as this station, even at night time. I haven’t cloned anybody out or used multiple exposures to get rid of people or even waited for people to get out of the way. It just was empty – except for one single person (if you can find him).
This is a 5 shot HDR taken with a small tripod handheld on the rails of the stairs. There are way too many bicycles to get room with a real tripod. Denmark is a bicycle nation, only surpassed by Holland, I think.

Gods light strikes building

Gods light strikes buildingThis I took in Copenhagen. I had to kill half an hour in the middle of the day, and sat down by this lake in the middle of the city. I put on a 10 stop filter and a polarizer and started playing around with it. The fountains turns around ever so slowly, but with a 10 stop filter it starts doing funny things. This is an HDR made from 5 shots. My 10 stop filter has a pretty bad colorcast, so I have had to work a lot on the colors.
BTW: Never screw two filters together – these are still stuck, and I have had to buy a new 10 stop filter.

Travelling in HDR

Sydney Grand Harbour View seen from Hotel Shangri La.Sydney Grand Harbour View seen from Hotel Shangri La. Taken on the day I arrived tired to the Hotel. I’m glad that I took the photos the first night, because for various reasons none of the next three nights were as great as this night.
Sydney is a great city, that I would have loved to spend more time in.